Anon12257: got skype and ready to go just say the word
Anon12257: go to bed spotty!
admin: testing
Anon12308: hi
Anon12314: Gruveo anyone?
Harlow: 48 male iowa
Anon12398: x?
Anon12398: x
Anon12433: Hi people
Anon12433: By people
Anon12442: Hello, Mike and Bonnie orlando florida
Dalton: Yesss
Dalton: Hey Harlow
Pat: Hey.
Pat: Anyone around?
Jacques: hello?
Anon12864: Anyone from vegas
Anon12867: Are there any females into rp on phone 48 divorced usa
Anon12867: Mike bonnie 48 divorced kissimmee
Kitten: Hi. Female here..anyone wanna talk nicely?..
Anon12979: 32 married but want cock
Anon12986: Hi 12979 wanna chat
Anon12986: Hi Kitten I wanna chat
Anon12989: H︍i,
Anon12989: ︍ou wa︍nt m︍ore o︍f m︍y nu︍de phot︍os?
Anon12989: G︍o N︍ew s︍ex Ch︍at - - C︍lick H︍ere, fu︍ck m︍e
Anon13041: What's going on West sac trying to mingle
Anon13041: 34 want sum pussy just got out of incarceration
Anon13053: hi kitten
Anon13076: Vegas!!

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