How to prove challenges?

We are looking to make some new lists of challenges, and wondering, how would people prefer to send proof to the group? Would you prefer to snap pictures and upload them from your phone or tablet or computer? Should we suggest that people make videos and upload those? Maybe it would be best to just… Read More »

2017 is shaping up to be a great year around here.

We have had some time to think about things so far this year, the so called State of Chat Yolo and we came to the conclusion we are going to have a great 2017 here, as we have so many awesome things to offer now thanks to major updates last year. And thats not all… Read More »

Eleven more chat rooms for you to use

We have just added 11 more chat rooms for anyone to use. After getting so many requests for specific types of chat rooms and coming up with a few ourselves so we added some more free chat rooms some based on ages, a gay chat room and lesbian chat room, and a men’s only and… Read More »

Celebrity Trisha YOLOs in Emoji outfit

Girlfriend was watching this fun internet celebrity Trisha Paytas trying on different outfits. I was surfing sex sites on my tablet and watching porn, while she was going through the various you tubers she subscribes too. I glanced over and noticed she was putting on an emoji print outfit. Top and pants with large smiley… Read More »

Hello Chatters

Hello chatters. Welcome to the re-launch of Chat Yolo. We move a lot of things around obviously 😉 . All of the old posts have been archived and no longer publicly available ;-( . We will continue to have discussions in this area about new features and issues for the site and the mobile apps.… Read More »