Forties Chat Room

admin: Welcome to the forties chat room!
Anon269: Hi
Anon356: hello everone it is nice to meet some people my own age for once
Anon356: I have not had a chance to talk to people with my same mind set in quite sometime
Anon356: What a Super Bowl and awesome halftime show to boot.
Anon385: Nothing quite like getting old if you ask me, lol
Anon385: e honest i never want o go back being young and dumb again
Anon385: So where is everyone from around here? Texas myself the Dallas area
Glitterlady: Hello
Glitterlady: Empty room??
Anon809: Not anymore good to hear from you Glitter lady
Anon809: I wonder when they decided to clear the chat rooms around here ever couple of weeks or what?
Anon812: hi
Anon812: hello everyone...
Soichingon: Hola amigos/as
Soichingon: Bon soir
mikael: hey
Shaikh Hamid: hi
Shaikh Hamid: any from pak
Shaikh Hamid: u from glitter
Shaikh Hamid: u there
Anon1368: hellooo
Anon1402: hello
Anon1402: Anyone from Mumbai M2M
Anon1402: hi
Anon1452: hey im sara from Georgia USA are there any country boys here that would like to chat with me
Anon1468: good morning
Anon1487: dxfdsfdsf
Anon1487: why-thank-you
Anon1525: hello