Mens Chat Room

Anon385: I hate always having to go out and buy roses and go to dinner and do all the bs every year
Anon385: ow many guys feel my pain on this issue?
Anon476: me i do it fk it suck so much right guyangry
Anon531: hh
Anon567: Hello
Anon722: hi
Anon733: i love you
Anon733: -sdf
Anon753: hi
Anon753: Hi, my name is Sherri Gallagher, I saw your page after my fasting and prayers which I'm interested in having a good friendship with you. Please, write me with this email: ( I have very important things to discuss with you.
Anon902: This is a mans only room Sherri
danil: Hi
danil: girls?
Anon1162: hi
Anon1162: hi
Anon1162: SL ka DJ bs chi co DMV CDG
Anon1196: 01222366437
Anon1196: 22466437
Anon1216: hj
Anon1274: Hi
Anon1330: Hi Broz
Anon1330: Anybody had sex up in here?
j: hey
Don: Hello fellas hows it hangin?
Darren: Hi don
Darren: Hi Don
Darren: Hi guys
Anon1448: hi guys my name is Vickie
Anon1481: hi
Anon1523: is there any guys on here