Singles Chat Room

Anon1674: helllloooo
Anon1674: c2c anyone?
Anon1676: hey hey everyone glad to be here
Chantel_w: yes I am
Anon1686: Hi
Anon1698: Hi
Anon1698: Are you a boy or girl
Anon1698: I love sex
Anon1698: Hi
Anon1730: Hi
Ladyluckfun21: Hi everybody
Anon1739: Bi
Anon1743: hi
Anon1789: hello
Anon1789: hello. Im looking for people to make a hot whats app group. If there's someone interested send your phone wink
Anon1789: half women half men
Anon1803: Hi
Anon1827: sad
MrHard: hi
MrHard: heart
Anon1901: half what the hell
Berau 123: Hallo
Anon1929: Hi who here is under 15
Anon1929: heart
Anon1929: Bye
Anon1929: NVm bye!!!
Anon1936: hi
Anon1936: mail
Anon1940: Atl
Anon1940: What's up