Thirties Chat Room

admin: Welcome to the thirty somethings chat room
Anon283: hey
Anon283: gift
Anon287: And than I was 30 omg wo else just turned?
admin: hey hey
admin: lol
Anon337: What a time to be alive if you ask me, with all the things going on and all the people alive on the planet!
Anon337: Has anyone seen that new Stars Wars movie yet?
Anon337: I was wanting to go to the theater and see it in Imax 3D.
Anon370: hi
Anon663: cuvu
Anon902: Mad props to the Ganja king!
Anon902: I think i need a cup of tea, the World keeps buring. What a day! wink
Anon902: If the weather was any more beutiful around here in Colorado I think I would have died and thought i went to heaven!
Anon917: Hi all
Anon917: Is there any hot guys in here
Anon1152: Hello
Anon1195: hello anyone
Anon1316: hello everyone
Anon1407: hi smile anyone?
Anon1468: good morning everyone
Anon1468: any naughty ladies here to play
Anon1489: hello?
Anon1489: any female?
Anon1644: My mom is a female
Anon1717: Hi
Anon1911: hi