Anon10185: Bitches
Anon10185: Lol
Anon10185: Hope all is well. Cold up here
Anon10277: Hi
Anon10335: Hi there
femmeson: hi
femmeson: hi
Anon10400: hi
Anon10401: Ts? Anywhere
Anon10401: I wanna smell a ts ass
Anon10480: Hi
Anon10482: Would be my dream to fuck a ta
Anon10532: Hello looking to chat with sum beautiful ts
Anon10538: Hi
Anon10617: Hizip-it
Anon10617: So im into transwomen
Anon10617: I have been fantasizing for years
Anon10617: I have been with 1 and the experience was great i thought it would be a one time thing but i have since become enthralled again
Anon10617: I want to tell my wife but when ive mentioned them or looked at porn with her she isnt interested
Anon10617: But id love to have a threeway with her and a transwoman
Anon10617: Shes ok with me wearing panties and is interested in pegging but im afraid it wont be enough
Anon10617: Shes asked if im gay i dont think i qualify it as that im really not into men just trans women that have both nice tops and packages any size package they all look good to me but when i see men its different and unsightly
Anon10617: Is any one here?
Anon10617: K well at least i said it out loud kinda lol i fuess ill try another room
Anon10632: im hear
Anon10632: talk to me
Anon10692: hi
Anon10714: Hi
Anon10714: Hi
Anon10714: Any ts

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