Twenties Chat Room

sia: hi guys
sia: do u have kik apps?
Anon809: A really BIG hello to all you guys out there. flower
Anon809: I ve been a busy bee here lately glad to have some time off to sit back and enjoy some online time.
Anon938: heyyyy
Anon938: i have been to CO
Anon1142: hi
Anon1144: Meet me in the wood
Anon1151: helloooo
anhvinh: ko biet teng anh noi tieng viet di
Drunkfrancois: Hey from nor*cal
Drunkfrancois: Any girls from Sacramento cool
Drunkfrancois: Or from some warez in cali?
Drunkfrancois: Just finished my lil white girl stash. Now I'm slamming a 32 of corona.
Drunkfrancois: Going thru my contacts seeing which females I can talk into coming over right now cry
Drunkfrancois: Don't everybody type at once now jeez
ArabianF: Hi
ArabianF: Hello
Don: And than there was time at bandcamp, lol.
Tommy: Oh yea there is nothing like being in your twneties, can i get a amen brothers and sisters?
Candy: hey im candy looking for a hot guy 26-29
Candy: hey im candy looking for a hot guy 26-29
Candy: WhatsApp me at 0635606072
Anon1453: hey do you live in fresno
Anon1453: candy want some cock
tonny: hey ppl
Anon1472: Hh
Anon1514: Hi
Anon1514: Ayrshire guy here
Anon1514: 27